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Ericsson CID Lookup


This application is using the Ericsson Labs Mobile Location API to plot your estimated location based on all Cells that your phone can detect Each Cell will produce a point on the map with a circle around it representing the estimated accuracy.

I wrote this when I was learning how to use a MapView in Android, and the Mobile Location API when I was doing the technical feasibility study of a project.


hex2bin screenshot 1


hex2bin screenshot 2


  • Only works for GSM. On 3G/ HSDPA it will only display the current cell.
  • You will need to get a Mobile Location API Key. It is free for non-commercial purposes, but it is limited to only 1000 queries per account. Companies can purchase more transactions.
  • Needs a data connection. Either 3G or WiFi will do.


  • v0.0.1: First release.
  • v0.1.1: Threaded the cell requests, UI updates, bugfixes.



Currently unavailable.

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