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Windows Mobile 6/6.1 was the second PDA/ Smartphone platform I used (and developed) for an extended amount of time (2 years to be exact).

My first device was a HTC TyTN II. It had so much potential, but it was ruined by bad management decisions by HTC (not enabling graphics acceleration for example) and the ageing  WM OS. On the other hand I joined the dark side after using the  essentially zombified, by that time, Palm OS 5.

In the pages below, I have uploaded a number of applications I've written for Windows Mobile. They are  all written on .Net CF 2/3 so they should work on every device which has the .Net CF runtimes installed.

List of Windows Mobile software

·ASCII 2 Hex
·Base Converter
·DTMF Dialler
·GUID Generator
·Mass rDNS Mobile

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