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Android is the third (and current) mobile platform I have worked on extensively after PalmOS and Windows Mobile.

I am mostly interested in network and location related applications and implementations.

I only have a GSM HTC Hero and a Desire Z, so I cannot test CDMA/4G code directly. If you need any CDMA/4G  functionality added, or you find any bugs, email me and we can discuss  testing.

In the following pages I provide a bit more information about applications that I  have written for the Android platform, as the Android Market is a bit limiting. The actual applications can be found in the Android Market.

The QRcodes were produced using this application for windows.

List of Android software

·Android Resource Viewer
·Ericsson CID Lookup
·KeyEvent Display
·MAC (OUI) Database
·Network Info
·Network Info II
·Network Port Database
·PCI VEN/DEV Database
·Under the Hood
·USB Device Info
·USB VEN/DEV Database
·WiFi Key Recovery

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