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Palm was the first PDA/Mobile platform I developed for. My first device was a Handspring Visor Platinum, back in 2001, to keep me organised in University.

I then bought a Tungsten C and finally a Palm T|X which is one of my favourite devices, irrespectively of the OS.

After my TX started dying, I joined the dark side and bought a HTC TyTN II.

In the following pages I have uploaded applications I have written for  PalmOS. All of them were tested on PalmOS 5 but with a couple  exceptions, they should all run on PalmOS 4 (and with some luck v3.5).

List of PalmOS software

·AXIS Viewer
·DTMFDialer II
·Easter Dates
·Junk Remover
·Mass Downloader
·Reset & Run
·RJ45 Info

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