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Current Projects:

In the following pages I will list any projects I am occupying myself with at a given time. As I do not have that much spare time anymore, progress will be slow and in bursts.

Feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions, comments or help!

Equipment Info

    Not an actual project, but the following pages contain the documentation for:

    It is password protected for copyright reasons.

Home Automation

    This has been a pet project of mine for a couple of years.

    It is an attempt to developing a Linux based home automation system (utilising Gumstix and custom-built PIC-based hardware), which uses open standard protocols.

    Essentially and Java-capable platform (although not a strict requirement) can run the control software which will securely connect to the home automation network and perform any actions needed.

    The framework has been designed in a way which transparently supports a number of control methods such as X10, IP, IrDA or Bluetooth. It also supports encryption and authentication using SSH.

    This project was inspired after  noticing limitations in the existing Crestron/ AMX implementations which  limit their ability to interact transparently with other control  systems, along with their high cost.

    Currently trying to find a suitable platform to replace the Gumstix platform, as it does not support 802.11a/n which can operate outside the heavily used 2.4GHz frequency range.

HSG X5A-G Tablet

    The HSG X5A-G is a tablet I got for a project near the end of 2010. Specification-wise it is a nice tablet, but it suffers from horrible battery life (although this seems to have been fixed now by the community). In these pages I am listing any observations I made during the project along with the documentation of the tablet.

Multi-Layer Localisation
Network Testing

    Again, not an actual project. Just a page which lists information about the host opening it. Useful when debugging DNS resolution problems.

List of Projects

·Equipment Info
·Home Automation
·HSG X5A Tablet
·Multi-Layer Localization
·Network Testing

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