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Under the Hood


This is a personal debug tool, but it might be of use to someone else!

The application will run a number of shell commands to get info from the device.

Even though root not needed, rooted devices will give more info.

As the available commands change depending on the ROM used, some commands will fail to work.

No ads.

Results can be exported to the SD card or shared using the standard android share dialogue (so that they can be e-mailed, for example).


under the hood screenshot 1


under the hood screenshot 2

List of Commands

cat /proc/devices
cat /proc/meminfo
cat /proc/mounts
cat /proc/net/arp
cat /proc/net/if_inet6
cat /proc/net/ipv6_route
cat /proc/net/route
cat /proc/net/wireless
cat /proc/version
df -ah
getprop dalvik.vm.execution-mode
getprop dalvik.vm.heapsize
getprop gsm.version.baseband
getprop ro.product.version
getprop ro.sf.lcd_density
ifconfig -a
ip -f inet6 addr
ip -f inet6 route show
ip addr
ip route show
netstat -apnW
netstat -rpnW
route -A inet6 -n
route -n
uname -a


  • This is a personal debug tool, but it might be of use to someone else.
  • If the device is rooted, then all commands will be executed as root. If not, then some commands will not return any data.
  • I am certain that not all ROMs (factory, or custom) support all commands, but any errors should handled gracefully.


  • v0.0.1: First public release.
  • v0.0.2: Font size change buttons in menu.
  • v0.0.3: Added "ip route show" and "ip -f inet6 route show", font size increase.
  • v0.0.4: Threaded the command execution, added execution choice dialogue.
  • v0.0.5: Fixed "Other" tab, changed required Android version to 1.5 (it was 2.1), added a bit more information.
  • v0.0.6: Changed required version to 1.6 as 1.5 broke large screens, changed icon, added more information.
  • v0.0.7: Added parsing of /proc, rearranged tab contents.
  • v0.0.8: Added more commands, added group separators.



To download the application you'll need to go to the Android Market and search for "Under the Hood".

Alternatively, use an application like Barcode Scanner to scan the QR code below (or click on it from your Android device):

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