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The File Streaming API was introduced with PalmOS v3.0.

It allows the creation of palm DBs that can be manipulated as files are  in other platforms (with some of the limitations of Palm OS though).

One of the more common uses of the File Streaming API is to "import" a  standard PC file (say a .txt or a .jpeg) into the Palm's memory.

StreamFiler allows the importing and exporting of stream files from and to a VFS card.

Files will be exported to the root directory of the first card, although they can be imported from any card.

I wrote this to help me with another project which needed a number of  stream files in memory and it was easier to create them on the desktop  and import them on the device.


The application does not check if a DB with the same name already exists in memory and will silently overwrite it.




  • v0.1: First public release (27/5/2008) 

Download: StreamFiler.prc

Typical disclaimers apply. This application can destroy data if not used properly. Use it at your own risk.

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