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AXIS Viewer


This is a proof-of-concept application which will allow a palm PDA to access and control an AXIS camera (via PTZ) either standalone or via an AXIS  server.

It doesn't do MPEG4 streaming, it  just polls for jpeg images as one of the  restrictions I had when writing it was the need to work on an OS 4  device.

If an AXIS server is configured correctly, then any PTZ compatible camera can be controlled via this application.

It has only been tested on a 241QA video encoder but should work on any  other AXIS product which supports the HTTP API. If not, let me know and  I'll try to fix it .




  • Anonymous viewing should be enabled (for now).
  • Anonymous PTZ control should be enabled (for now)
  • You need to have jpeglib installed to use this application. Get it here:
  • The app is currently broken in many ways (some menu items don't work for example) although basic functionality should be fine.
  • The main discussion thread for the application can be found here:


  • v0.1: First public release (29/11/2007).

Download: AXISViewer.prc

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